It’s easy to scroll through endless news feeds consuming content, but do you feel good after this? Most digital platforms are designed to keep us engaged, monetizing our eyeballs for hours on end. Their invention owns our attention.

Humans have a inalienable right to creative expression, but allowing ourselves to do so even though we didn’t go to art school is the hard part. After researching why people stop drawing during childhood and distance themselves from it as adults, we’ve created a platform that makes it easy, fun and safe for anyone to get started.

We want activate an army of creators - the 2/3 of you feeling like you’re not living up to your creative potential.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.
— Pablo Picasso


Humans draw before they can speak. It is our oldest, most basic form of communication but also our most expressive. The creative line can reveal thoughts and emotions the written word struggles to. When you ask people to draw, especially adults, they’re required to engage their creative brain and the resulting doodle often represents a more raw and authentic account of their feelings.

Plus, everyone loves to draw - most adults are just scared to do it. We feel judged by what we create and show to others, so we stop creating. Like any other muscle, creativity must be exercised, and drawing is a natural way to get your juices flowing.

Our instagram is a gallery for anyone who wants to create


Why do we Exist?

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Your Health

Go from 0 to 1. Passively consuming content to actively creating it. This calming form of self expression provides a brain break that leaves you feeling more creative and connected to the world around you.

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Our Health

Emotional wellbeing is crucial for healing in a hospital setting. Piccles infuses color, community and creativity into these sterile and isolating environments to enhance empowerment and resilience.


Our planets health

Digital drawing leaves a much lighter impact on our environment, but there’s no substitute to hanging a physical print that brightens a room.

We track our carbon footprint and offset it 2X. The more we make, the more we help. Simple.

Create to connect

We are fed enough content - from media, news feeds and notifications - that has left us full of facts and feeling empty. People crave connection, but consuming is so much easier so it’s become our default.

We make it easy, fun and accessible for everyone to start creating. By creating together in a collaborative experience, that connection happens naturally.


Use in hospitals

Saving our world

For some, climate change is inconvenient. But if you’re under 35 and expect to live on this planet for a few more decades, it’s terrifying.