Tech to Tap your crowds creative potential

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.
— Maya Angelou

Create to connect

Enhance your next event with shared experiences that transform passive consumers into active creators. You customize the content, we do the rest.



Put your audience center stage and give everyone a chance to create. Use Piccles as an icebreaker to kick off your conference, or during the waiting moments between keynotes to prime people waiting for what they’re about to learn.

Ask questions and ease the atmosphere of finding new ideas while the content is visualized.

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Workshops & meetings

Use Piccles in-person for icebreakers, idea generation, collaboration and consensus reaching.

Engage participants during remote workshops where they use their phone to participate and see the real-time mosaic being formed on their computers.

Ask qualitative questions before and after the workshop to gauge the effectiveness of the content and visualize responses immediately.


Content creation

Ask qualitative questions like “how do you feel about American politics?” and receive drawings which are more candid and emotionally expressive than the written word.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, data visualization or information, customize the question and let your population leave their mark.

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Sponsor Booth activations

You’ve put down the money to be at the event, time to make it a success!

Piccles’ Drawing Walls are fully customizable and can be deployed on any TV or Projector.

Any size crowd can gather as they collaboratively draw through their smartphones. Learn more below to see how you can leverage our technology to(apologies in advance) DRAW people in.

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Virtual teambuilding

Your distributed team logs in to the weekly all-hands video call and listens to updates for an hour. How many people tune out until it’s their turn to speak?

Break the boredom and tap your teams collective creativity by turning passive content into an engaging activity.

Conduct a more informed and inclusive meeting by enabling active participation with Piccles

Other applications for Piccles



People in intensive medical settings often receive top treatments, but often these necessarily sterile environments lack opportunities to foster community, connection, and fun.

Piccles is a form of distractive entertainment that gives your patients a creatively expressive activity while feeling connected to the larger community.

Public Art Activations

Transform screens in public spaces from passive displays into interactive experiences.

Everyone who passes by can make their mark on your space, and go home with a unique piece art serving as a reminder of the people and place it was created.


Live Events

Fan experience is the reason they keep coming back (winning helps too) and the action on the field, court or rink plays a significant, but not singular role.

Engage fans during breaks in the action with collective experiences that puts them in the spotlight.

Integrate our web-application in with your fan club software for a multi-media engagement with your team.

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Our Partnerships

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