“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up”

-Pablo Picasso




Blank canvases are terrifying. That's how Picasso started, but you're Pete. With millions of colors to start filling the white void, starting is the hardest part. Piccles is an app that provides structure to getting started. You choose the prompt, we choose the colors and only give you a piece of the picture so there’s less pressure to be perfect. Get started on:


What do Street artists, airports and hospital waiting rooms all have in common? They can all use Piccles to turn their audience’s down time on their phones into creatively engaged time with their brand.

You pick the prompt, privacy and people it reaches and wait 3-6 days for a proper piccled picture.

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The mission of Piccles is simple: To make it fun and easy to go from passive content consumers into active content creators regardless of their artistic background, and by doing so, facilitate collaboration between communities and cultivate human connection.

Through the Piccles platform and it’s facilitators (Piccle Preppers) we’ve been able to teach emotional intelligence, teamwork and mindfulness to participants 9-90.



Our Partnerships

Our clients make the best out of our platform. Here are a couple that we have been honored to work with.