Workshop & Meeting Facilitation



Kick off the meeting with a creative exercise to calm the crowd and get them thinking about the same thing. Everyone can participate through their phone, tablet or computer, and drawings are anonymous so people aren’t concerned about judgement.

Ask things like…

“if our company were a vehicle, what would it be?”

Or take the temperature of the room with…

“what color are you currently feeling?”

The drawings are displayed in real time to spark group discussion and create an memento of the meeting for future reference.

Closing question

See how effective your workshop or meeting was by asking a closing question and get everyone on the same page.

With a closing question that relates to your opening question like “draw something that represents the amount of control you feel you have now”, you’ll be able to qualitatively measure any change in your participants.

By asking participants to “draw your biggest takeaway” you can see if your message was effectively delivered and create a collective artifact to for everyone to reference as a reminder of the experience.


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Idea generation

Save the sticky notes and make your next brainstorming session digital with Piccles.

  • Pre-select colors to organize ideas

  • Anonymous so everyone can freely contribute

  • Digital makes for easy reference and distribution after the meeting or workshop


Receive the workshop & meeting 1-pager with more information

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