For Corporate Events

Piccles let’s you take attendee engagement to another level. Turn waiting moments into creative moments and invite participation that gets people thinking.

Choose from our library of challenges, activities or questions let us do the rest to engage your audience in a shared experience unique to the time, place and people in attendance.

For Public Engagement

Transform the screens in your public space from passive displays to interactive experiences for your audience.

Let everyone who passes by leave a mark on your space, and give them a unique piece art to walk away with while collecting information on your visitors.


picclesoptions4 (2).jpg

For children’s hospitals

Hospitals deliver top medical care, but these sterile, isolating environments can be emotionally difficult to recover in.

Piccles is committed to bringing community, connection and color to these environments through an interactive form of distractive entertainment.

See how we are enriching the hospital experience.

for artists

Giving your followers the paint brush will change their perspective for your art, provide new appreciation and help create real engagement.

Turn your static images into interactive experiences for your fans by requesting access to our admin portal.


Our Partnerships

Our clients make the best out of our platform. Here are a couple that we have been honored to work with.