Sporting Events

When speaking with a friend about the game last night, fans recount those memorable experiences and how they felt before anything else. You can exponentially increase the reach of your event by enabling each attendee to share their experience through their networks, but how can you ensure they have something they deem worthy of sharing? 

Sports are so compelling because of their unpredictability, letting fans truly impact the game with cheers of support. As a product, sport is both created and consumed in real time. With every game available for streaming online, what gets people off the couch is the opportunity of participating in these once in a lifetime moments created by players and fellow fans. 

Your fans are already engaged, but we help them engage with each other and actively collaborate to create content worth sharing. Turn your fans into influencers by bringing the Piccles platform into your stadium. 


fan Engagement

Provide squirmy kids with engaging activities to do during the game that keeps you in control of their experience, not Youtube.


from fan to influencer

People are driven to share unique experiences that they played a part in. We invite fans to create content, the resulting work being unique to that time and place in the world, just like sport. Your fans already like your team, this makes it easy for them to generate origional content and share their love.

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social Sharing

Create the social sharing buzz by inviting friends on social media to be part of the game, without actually being there! Or go head to head against opposing fans in real time.


Brand sponsorship

Attract new sponsors, or give your preexisting partners a new medium to engage with fans while creating organic social media content.

Deploy digital competitions with real world rewards to get your product and brand in front of customers.

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