Sporting Events

Ever thought about bringing Piccles to a sports arena? Although going to a game is a fun and thrilling experience, we can't always stay focused throughout the entire game. 

But we keep showing up because of the EXPERIENCE being at the park, field or court. We've built Piccles, so that when some of us (squirmy kids/friends or family who we brought to accompany us) can use it in their down time.

We can create engagement with your venue, pit fans against each other in drawing challenges during the game and generate organic social media content for sharing.

bruins_td_garden_042014 copy.jpg

Team building

Get your friends and family to work on a drawing with you, so you can all be part of a bigger picture. 


Color you own square

We provide you the colors and the prompt. Then, you have complete freedom and expression to be creative.


Social Sharing

Create the social sharing buzz by inviting your friends on social media to be part of the game, without actually being there!



By encouraging fans to participate in the Piccles drawing, we can have giveaways with tickets to the next game that will encourage them to come to the field again.