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Drawing Walls

Piccles transforms any TV or Projector in your booth into an interactive drawing experience.

Audiences use their smartphones to participate, so any size group can gather, and walk away with a unique piece of digital art they played a part in.

Customized to your needs with:

1. White labeling

2. Customizing prompt audience responds to

3. Capture contact information

4. Prize distribution

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case studies


Draw our logo and win!

While sponsoring the 2019 ConFoo Conference in Montreal, Coveo used Piccles to draw people into their booth, give them a short, easy creative experience, and collect contact information.

Given Coveo’s orange triangle logo as a prompt to start, attendees created their own iterations, drew what inspired them, or just drew what they wanted. Email addresses were collected, with one selected to win a $100 gift card.

The color palette was created from their brand colors to remain on-brand, and this final piece of collaborative digital art was shared with all contributors for increased reach.


What are your priorities in life?

MassMutual wanted an interactive artistic experience that reflected their brand values at their 2018 Hubweek booth.

Their brand colors were used to correspond to peoples priorities where Red=Love, Blue=Friends, Orange=Happiness, etc.

Participants re-colored MassMutual’s logo with the colors important to them, creating this collaborative digital art x data visualization.


Why is a Giant Drawing Wall right for your space?