Working with children

Why are we choosing to work with after school programs (like the YMCA) and classrooms all across the states?  

Imagination and creativity is at its peak for a child. They are all artists, engineers, dancers, doctors and dreamers.  We provide children with a safe place they can learn to work together and let their creativity run wild. We enable each child to truly express themselves in a safe space and spark respectful discussions of topics which could be hard for children to vocalize, but they can draw just fine.

Before diving into your lesson, get students actively engaged in the subject matter by drawing images relevant to the curriculum as a class. These can be used to prime students for the material covered in the lesson, spark discussions that are inclusive of both introverted and extroverted children, and make some really awesome art to take home.

As a collaborative drawing platform, we believe that making a difference in the education industry is a crucial part of making an impact in the community. Children are always quick to obtain information, and if they were taught to use their words visually, we can see a greater improvement in retaining information that is taught in the daily classrooms. 


ymca case study

The students that participated on the web app study.

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