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Child Life Specialists

Hospital stays can be sterile, boring and anxious times that remove children from their “normal” life the longer they're receiving treatment.

We can help provide kids with a creative and adaptive mode of self expression while giving them a sense of autonomy in their situation and connection to peers.

Learn what Piccles can do in your medical facility.

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Would you rather be followed by a herd of sheep or an army of artists?

You gain followers every day, but the engagement and quality of those followers matter more than the number.

When most engagement starts and ends with a Like, you can encourage the creative expression of your community while moving them to become active producers of new art.

Giving your followers the paint brush can change their perspective, provide new appreciation for your art and help create real relationships.

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Children's After school activities

Imagination, creativity and enthusiasm peak during childhood. They are all artists, engineers, dancers, doctors and dreamers, until they get older, which is why it's so important to nurture these.

We provide children with a safe place they can learn to work together and let their creativity run wild. We enable each child to truly express themselves in a safe space and spark respectful discussions of topics which could be hard for children to vocalize, but they can draw just fine.

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Sporting events

“Baseball is boring. It’s cold and I can barely see the football. Are they even trying right now?”

But we keep showing up because of the EXPERIENCE being at the park, field or court. But this experience isn’t for everyone (see: squirmy kids), so we’ve built Piccles to keep fans engaged during their downtime.

Create engagement with your venue, pit fans against each other in drawing challenges during the game and generate organic social media content for sharing.

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