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Children's After school activities

Imagination and creativity is at its peak for a child. They are all artists, engineers, dancers, doctors and dreamers.  We provide children with a safe place they can learn to work together and let their creativity run wild. We enable each child to truly express themselves in a safe space and spark respectful discussions of topics which could be hard for children to vocalize, but they can draw just fine.

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Before diving into your lesson, get students actively engaged in the subject matter by drawing images relevant to the curriculum as a class. These can be used to prime students for the material covered in the lesson, spark discussions that are inclusive of both introverted and extroverted children, and make some really awesome art to take home.

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waiting rooms

Few remember the time we were forced to leaf through the pages of old Better Homes and Gardens magazines in waiting rooms. Smartphones changed all this by delivering the entertainment your customers actually want, so how can you have control over this experience, often the first interaction a customer has with your business?

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Sporting events

“Baseball is boring. It’s cold and I can barely see the football. Are they even trying right now?”

But we keep showing up because of the EXPERIENCE being at the park, field or court. But this experience isn’t for everyone (see: squirmy kids), so we’ve built Piccles to keep fans engaged during their downtime.

Create engagement with your venue, pit fans against each other in drawing challenges during the game and generate organic social media content for sharing.

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Traditional efforts to unite communities involve physically bringing them together, and while that’s great, it’s not always possible at children’s hospitals. Often silo’d in their rooms, cut off from the outside world, these kids make the best of their childhood with what they’re given.

Piccles allows these kids to come together and draw together as one community, feeling connected with their peers and control over their environment as they see their artwork displayed on TV’s around the hospital.

By relieving boredom, reducing anxiety and fostering human connection, Piccles can improve your patient's experience and may help to increase your HEDIS score.

The creative process helps sick children and teens to better cope with stress, work through traumatic experiences, voice unexpressed thoughts, and emotions, and to simply enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of the creative process.

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event organizers

Expand the digital reach of your event. Event attendees can connect with each other through the creation of new art, and invite others across their social networks to collaborate at the event, or share out the completed drawing through social channels when done.

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Usually involves standing on a stage and talking down to people. This is a one way flow of information and hard to maintain an engaged audience, with a notification packed phone in everyones laps. Whether you’re speaking at a corporate conference, hosting your own event or looking to make your presentation more interactive and engaging, the Piccles Platform can make your audience a part of the performance.

Find out how speakers are currently using Piccles to engage their audience before speaking a word. (Coming Soon!)

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Advertising AGENCies

Often the best way to approach a customer is to advertise your product. Why not bring together customers through Piccles? If a person starts a Piccle, they can share it worldwide creating more buzz for your company and your products. 

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