Take your conference experience to the next level with Piccles



Kick off your conference with some creativity

With an MC on stage introducing the projects, start by asking people to drawn:

  • How they’re feeling?

  • Where are they coming from?

  • What they’re hoping to get out of the event?

All responses are shown in real time up on stage for the MC to lead a 15 minute interactive icebreaker.


Waiting Moments

You’ve planned everything to the minute but there are still breaks in the action

Piccles can be deployed to any internet connected TV or Projector in waiting areas or lounges for an interactive activity thats fun for 1 person or many.

Popular questions are:

  • What are you excited about for today?

  • What is your big idea?

  • What’s for lunch?

Everyone who participates can download and share their original drawing, and receive the collective mosaic after you’ve moderated and released it.

Closing Ceremony

Wrap up the event with a relaxing coloring session that gets everyone working together one last time.

Ask qualitative questions to see how people felt about the event like:

  • How are you feeling NOW?

  • What was your biggest takeaway?

  • What was your favorite part of the conference?

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