Children's Hospitals

Children in intensive medical settings often receive top treatments, but often these necessarily sterile environments lack opportunities to foster community, connection, and fun.

Collaborate with each other

Piccles allows kids to draw together in a shared experience, whether it’s in a common playroom or from the comfort of their own rooms, nobody has to be excluded. This helps create a sense of community, belonging and connection to their peers. Art projects can be seen coming together in real time and finished works can be displayed on TV’s around the hospital. Enabling kids to play an active role in creating their environment is not only fun, but can help them gain a greater sense of agency.

Creative Expression

Piccles encourages kids to create digital artwork using any colors and tools they wish and improve a child's social experience during hospital care through creative and collaborative free expression.

Family centered care

When parents, siblings and other family members remain involved in their loved ones care, the overall patient and family experience can be enhanced. Our app-based product, Piccles, allows for everyone to stay connected digitally and feel one another’s presence when they can’t always be there.


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This video was produced from the first live drawing workshop hosted by Piccles to demonstrate the nature of the app.

Patients, parents, siblings, volunteers and Child Life Specialists can all collaborate together in a group experience bringing more humanity and color into your hospital.