Children's Hospitals

Traditional efforts to unite communities involve physically bringing them together, and while that’s great, it’s not always possible at children’s hospitals. Often silo’d in their rooms, cut off from the outside world, these kids make the best of their childhood with what they’re given.

Display their artwork

Piccles allows these kids to come together and draw together as one community, feeling connected with their peers and control over their environment as they see their artwork displayed on TV’s around the hospital.

Creative Expression

By relieving boredom, reducing anxiety and fostering human connection, Piccles can improve your patient's experience and may help to increase your HEDIS score. 

No mess

The creative process helps sick children and teens to better cope with stress, work through traumatic experiences, voice unexpressed thoughts, and emotions, and to simply enjoy the life-affirming pleasures of the creative process, without creating a big mess behind.

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