Children's after school Activities



Pictured: A few of the students who participated in the Piccles activity and the team from Piccles.


The Roxbury YMCA was one of the first partnerships with Piccles. The targeted audience for this segment were 11 to 13 year old students who were actively engaged in learning and expressing their creativity. Piccles was used as a tool for these students to engage in an activity where everyone could be quiet and focused. After each of the activity, the children were able to discuss what they liked and what they didn't like about the specific prompts. This was a way for the instructors to focus their activities on specific interests or topics. 


Create Discussion

This is an example of the famous basketball player, Stephen Curry. This specific Piccle brought a lot of buzz in the classroom since he was a favorite amongst a large population of the group. 


Proactive Engagement

Getting students to listen and calm down is one of the biggest tasks of any instructor or counselor. The best way to attract a child's interest is through an activity. Piccles can play a very big part in making this happen, while also keeping the children wanting to be more creative.